Zombies of the Dead

Also available: Zombies of the Dead FREE

Ever wonder what would have happened if "they" didn't open that door? Zombies of the Dead brings all the action of a B-grade zombie movie to the palm of your hand. You are one of the few survivors of the zombie apocalypse in a small, sleepy town. Play alone or with friends in a variety of scenarios, from simply escaping the town, to rescuing other survivors and holding out until morning!

This is a full-sized game for you full-sized gamers! Keep your pocket sized games in your pocket!

Full version features:

• Randomly generated towns and missions!
• Customisable characters!
• 4-player cooperative play!
• Guns, grenades, and loads of other weapons!
• Unlockable trophies, bonuses and clothing!
• Hospitals, diners, cinemas, and many other classic survival horror locations!

Thanks to the randomly generated scenarios, no two games are ever the same. Will you survive together or die alone?