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ShipmatcH is the futuristic, flight combat simulator.

In this game, players pilot one of four different ships, shooting down any other ships in the sky. A variety of game modes, and challenging awards will keep you entertained for hours.

ShipmatcH has completely customisable rules, so you can choose a challenge that suits you. Choose the size of the city, the number of enemy AI ships, and the conditions of victory. Then pick colours for your ship, and draw your own logo so that others will know it was you who shot them down!

Game Features

• Full 3D flight-simulator experience.
• Randomly generated cities.
• Multiple scenes, including open fields and outer space.
• Customisable ships.
• Devastating weapons, and plenty of particle effects and explosions.
• Aerial dog-fights, races, the mighty MothershipmatcH and other game modes.


COMING SOON: More ships, scenes and game-modes coming in 2013!